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Hygiene & Pest Control: Restaurants:
Food & Dring Storage Area in a RestuarantAt PEST UK we have Pest Control Contracts in hundreds of restaurants. I often wonder just what the Environmental Health Departments are doing. I have seen a perfectly clean tidy restaurant forced to spend hundreds of pounds moving a sink yet some disgusting kitchens and stores. It is probably that they (the Environmental Health Departments) have limited resources which makes inspections less frequent especially as there has been a massive increase in food outlets in the past twenty years. I can’t see why rather than normal business rates food premises (including shops) pay part of the fee directly to the Environmental Health Department to finance inspections.
Laundry Room
I have attached pictures of the kitchen and stores of a restaurant where we have have a pest control contract and we have been pressuring the customer to clean up the place as there is a minor cockroach problem we are treating in the kitchen. Although hygiene is not as important when treating cockroaches using the baits as opposed to the insecticide sprays it is still an important part of control and the cockroach treatment in this dirty kitchen could fail unless the hygiene improves.
Food Storage Area

The poor hygiene also interferes with the cockroach treatment. The reason for this is that if they do do a thorough clean then they are very likely to clean up the cockroach gel insecticide bait as well as any cockroach pheromone monitors as well meaning we will have to start the treatment again. The longer the cockroach infestation is active the more likely the place will quite rightly be closed down if by chance there is an Environmental Health Inspection.

In this particular restaurant we have for months put on the reports that the place needs cleaning. We have even written separate letters to the manager. There is even staff sleeping in the store rooms and they have bed bugs!

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