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Pest Control in Farnborough

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Pest Control in Farnborough

Due to our continued expansion PEST UK has just opened a new pest control office in Farnborough, Hampshire. PEST UK has been able to expand and we pride ourselves in proving a first class quality pest control service at very reasonable rates. This new Farnborough pest control office is located at:
14 Hornchurch Square
GU14 6FW

Tel: 01252 765110

About Farnborough
Farnborough is a large town in north east Hampshire which is part of a massive urban sprawl that starts at Sandhurst and Camberley in the north and stretches about 15 miles to the south, ending in Farnham. Farnborough is part of Rushmoor Borough. The town of Farnborough was founded in Saxon times and the name means ‘fern hill’. Farnborough borders Surrey.

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Pest Control in Farnborough: PEST UK have one of the largest pest control contracts we have at TAG who run Farnborough Airport. Farnborough is an old town but relatively wealthy so does not suffer with pest problems concerning bed bug, cockroaches, rat, mouse or fleas as much as some poorer towns in the PEST UK catchment area. Although the level of these pests is less than other areas Farnborough still has its fair share of other pest control problems which include: ants, bees, carpet beetles, cat fleas, foxes, wasps, hornets, squirrels and rabbits.
German Wasp

The Pest Control Technician in Farnborough

Rob Thirlwell is the pest control technician in charge of the PEST UK Farnborough Pest Control Office. He is a vastly experienced BPCA qualified pest control technician who before he joined PEST UK was used as a senior pest control technician 7 a pest control trouble shooter for problem pest control operations that other pest control technicians could not solve. Currently (2015) he is a newest member of the PEST UK pest control technician team and has been a huge success with the quality of his pest control and the relationship he has built up with his customers.
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The PEST UK Farnborough Office: PESTUK Farnborough


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