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Pest Control Contracts

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Pest Control Contracts

Contracts are common place with food premises but surprisingly larger domestic premises also now require them. Contracts allow us to lay monitors, traps & in some circumstances poison bait down to inspect on the scheduled visits to check for rodent activity. The most important aspect though is the visit itself. This gives the pest control technician the opportunity to survey the site and look for any hygiene and proofing issues that may cause a pest problem in future. It is better to stop a practice that attracts rats or mice or block a hole that allows access than just to put poison bait down when the problem arises. Poison bait is a valuable tool when dealing with rats & mice but should be used alongside other measures. We prefer contracts with 8 scheduled visits per year. Our minimum visit per year contract is 4. The reason 8 visits per year is preferred is that in many cases 3 months between scheduled visits is too long and an infestation may build up between visits. We always recommend 8 visits per year but nowadays price is an issue and a 4 visit contract is better than no contract.

Monitoring for Cockroaches: PEST UK is the only company I know of that uses pheromone cockroach monitors on all of its food related contracts. Even the very basic 4 visit contracts have cockroach monitors in the kitchens and food preparation areas. The large multi national companies with Royal Warrants and kite marks don’t do this and I can’t understand why. It isn’t that expensive but so important. If a cockroach infestation is picked up by a pest controller (hopefully in the early stages) then it can be dealt with quickly. If a customer or an Environmental Health Inspector picks the infestation up then there is a strong possibility the premises will be closed. Cockroaches can spread via any one of a customers suppliers: laundry, electrical appliances or food. Hygiene is important but cockroaches will infest a clean kitchen.

To book a pest control treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

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