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Pest Control Contracts for Housing Associations & Management Companies

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Pest Control Contracts for Housing Associations & Management Companies:
Housing Associations have taken over from council housing. At PEST UK we have many contracts on housing estates & blocks of flats. Approximately 10% of pest control contracts are these types of sites in our service area (Berkshire, North Hampshire, NW Surrey, South Buckinghamshire and South Oxfordshire.)


Most of these types of contracts involve placing preventative baits, monitors and traps around the high risk areas such as bin areas, gardens etc. As well as this the technicians keep an eye out for missing drain plugs in wheelie bins (missing drain plugs leave a hole large enough for a rat to get into the bin and feed on the contents), missing lids, over stacking of rubbish and other bad hygiene practices. Not many of the contracts cover individual flats or houses for pest problems. Some do for rats and mice but not for bed bugs, ants, wasps or fleas. PEST UK does give these customers a discount though.


As with the food related contracts we prefer to carry out eight scheduled inspections per year. The main reason is that if bad hygiene practices start the technician can highlight this to prevent or reduce a rodent problem but if the contract only had say four scheduled visits per year then a severe problem cold potentially build up in the three month gap between visits.


PEST UK is successful at these types of contracts because we actually carry out the scheduled inspections! In our experience some of the larger national pest control companies have contracts at site such as these, set it up but as there is rarely anyone on site to check that the visit has been done, visits are missed or not a thorough inspection is carried out. PEST UK has some of the most experienced conscientious technicians in the country and we also carry out random ‘Oversee’ visits soon after the scheduled visit to check that the visit was carried out to a high standard.


Pest control contracts at blocks of flats and housing estates will keep the sites virtually rodent free and identify poor hygiene practicesIMG_0182 Rats were dragging rubbish from the bin via the hole left by the missing drain plugIMG_0183The council accidentally ‘missed’ a collection. Rats were living and feeding in this pile of rubbish.

IMG_0181These bins were causing a problem on an apartment block in Slough. Slough Borough Health Environmental Health Dept. ordered the management agent to sort the rat problem out. I inspected and told the agent that unless there were drain plugs and lids on the bins then controlling the rats would be impossible. I told them to get onto the company they rented the bins from to replace them. Who owned the bins? Slough Borough Council. It took them months to do anything even though the agents were paying (via the tenants service charge, which is in addition to their rates) Slough Council for the privilege of these clapped out bins!

To book a pest control treatment or free advice then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

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