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Pest Control Contracts

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Today I carried out a quote for a pest control contract at a Council Recycling Plant run by a private company. Rats were everywhere, the evidence pointed to thousands. The building was relatively new but rats were inside the cavity and the electrical cables under the weigh bridge had been damaged by rats chewing through them.
The existing pest control contractor had just lost control. I thought to myself that I would never want PEST UK to run a contract like this. If we can’t do a job properly for the right price then we won’t do it. None of the ‘tricky’ hard to access, dirty, difficult to get into places where the rats were actually living were baited. No advice on proofing, stock rotation or hygiene had been given. The site was ringed by dozens of rat boxes which most were not checked and were empty but the main issue with them is that they were 90% in the wrong place. OK, rats were taking bait from these boxes but only the periphery of the infestation and probably only young, old or sick less dominant rats that were expelled from the main food area by the dominant rats.
The basic principle for any rat treatments are food source, harbourage and habits. Control will be difficult if the food source cannot be removed. If this is not possible (as in this case) then making the rat poison easier to get to and more attractive than the original food source is required at a minimum. Changes to the environment such as blocking holes, fixing doors ext in fact anything that makes rats more uncomfortable traveling from their living area to the food makes baiting easier. A massive problem occurs when the rats are living next to or in the food source. Containment may be the best case scenario result in these situations.
For this site we have quoted, first for four weekly visits to reduce the infestation followed by a maintenance pest control contract with fortnightly visits.
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