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Pest Control Contract

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Pest Control Contract:
Most commercial premises have some kind of pest control contract in place to prevent vermin (rodent and insect) infestation. A pest control contract is where a pest control technician makes regular visits to a site to inspect preventative baits and monitors as well as checking for hygiene, proofing and other pest related issues. This (in most circumstances) makes the site less likely to develop pest problems that can cause the premises to be closed.
Pest Control Food Premises and Restaurants
It is the loss of reputation more than the problems the vermin actually cause that can cause the most damage to a business. The larger the company more damaging this aspect becomes as a Pizza Express shut down due to a mouse infestation in Reading would be news in Nottingham as well where as a local restaurant in Basingstoke would be little interest to the people of High Wycombe. Due to this risk the larger chains will have ‘high spec’ contracts normally involving 8 scheduled inspects. The smaller take aways normally go for the basic 4 visit per year contract as price is a big factor. The volume discount the chains achieve from pest control contracts makes the 8 visit a year contract cheaper than the stand alone 4 visit contract. There is a draw back with using a large pest control company such as Rentokil, Ecolab, Mite or Canon and this is that there is always pressure on the technicians to do as many jobs as possible in a day. This leads to technicians not always doing a thorough job. This is a major factor. At PEST UK the technician is responsible for there own contracts and our senior technician makes spot checks on contracts where he checks cleanliness of boxes, freshness of baits & monitors, suitability for non toxic monitors & traps, proofing, hygiene and many other factors. In addition to this PEST UK sends out surveys every month asking contract customers if they are happy with the service and if there is anything we can do to improve.

From our (PEST UK) point of view we prefer the 8 visit per year type of contract. The reason for this is that with the basic 4 visit per year contract the gap between the visits is 3 months and in my opinion is too long. Infestations can start & develop to a high level during this period.

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