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Operation Smile

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Each year PEST UK contributes 1% of their yearly profits to Operation Smile, an international charity that improves the lives of children across the world. Donations towards Operation Smile pay to provide life-changing, safe surgery for children suffering from cleft lip and cleft palate in remote locations around the world.

Last year PEST UK donated £1,576.06 to Operation Smile. This year, PEST UK is proud to share that we have donated £1,989.39 to Operation Smile. This can change the lives of 13 children, helping to put a smile on their faces and futures.

Why do we choose Operation Smile?

Here at PESTUK, we feel that our success should be shared with people who need our help. Whats more, we wanted to make people smile. And this charity aims to do just that. When choosing a non-profit to donate to, we wanted to help people all across the world. One of the the most noticeable facts about Operation Smile is the fact that their clinics are set up all over the world (even here in the UK) and so far they have provided surgeries to over 220,000 children and young adults.

Not only is this rewarding for us, but these regular charitable donations also benefit PESTUK. It is hoped that when customers are faced with two similar pest control companies then customers will choose PEST UK because the fee they pay contributes to a charitable cause.

What can you do to help?

The amount of money we have donated to Operation Smile has increased year on year and we hope this continues. The more successful PEST UK is, then the more we donate. By choosing PEST UK for your pest control services, you are helping to change the lives of children across the world. Whether that be for one-off visits or regular contacts, your fee will contribute to the the yearly donation.

If you’re feeling extra generous this new year, you can even give a one-off donation here.


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