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Operation Smile UK & PEST UK’s Annual Donation

For the last 3 years PEST UK has donated 1% of annual profits to Operation Smile and this year (December 2015) we are donating again. This year we are donating £999.00.
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There are several reasons that we donate 1% of our annual profits to a charity. First we always get pestered by e mails, phone calls and letters from various charities asking for donations. Many are worthy causes but I am sure a lot are not. We want people to benefit from our success so we decided to choose a charity that we knew was a proper charity that helps people (especially children) across the world in nearly every country but mainly poor countries.

Another reason is commercial. Unlike many of the larger well known charities Operation Smile allows us to use their logo on our website, advertising and stationary. This allows people to make a choice. It means if they choose PEST UK over a similar company that does not give 1% of it’s annual profit to charity then at least a percentage of the money they are paying goes to charity.
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While selecting a charity to donate to we looked at: Oxfam, Save The Children, UNICEF, Barnados and many more. None of these charities would allow us to use their logo’s. Save the Children said we could but we had to donate at least £50 000.00. Another one of these (I forget which) said that their ‘main’ sponsor (Boots) did not allow them to let other companies use the charities logo. I feel that these charities are making a massive mistake. It would be far better to tap into the massive small company market than just have a few sponsors. I doubt Boots give 1% of their profits to charity! I believe there is case for the Monopolies Commission to look at large Multi National Companies monopolising the charity industry. It would benefit small companies and the charities themselves if this sector was opened up to all companies, large and small.
Anyway, PEST UK is donating £999.00 to Operation Smile. 14/12/15.
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