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Operation Smile & PESTUK

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Operation Smile: PEST UK have donated-  £1,576.06

PESTUK supports Operation Smile, and has done so for 6 years now. The amount of money we have donated to has increased year on year and we hope this continues. The more successful PEST UK is then the more we donate as we always donate 1% of our profits.
One of the the most noticeable facts about this charity is the number of places where clinics are set up and the frequency of these. Check out the list on the Operation Smile website. The clinics are all over the world (even here in the UK).

Operation Smile

PESTUK chose them because this charity helps children the world over and makes a difference to young lives. 1% of all our profits are donated to them. We feel it right that our success should be shared by people who need help.


These regular charitable donations also benefit PESTUK. We would hope that when faced with 2 similar pest control companies that offer a good service at a reasonable cost then customers would choose PEST UK because some of the fee they are paying will go to a very good cause.
At PEST UK we believe our formula of giving a percentage of profits could be adopted by many other small companies. Most charitable donations from companies are dominated by large organisations that also insist that the logo is exclusively ‘theirs’ or ‘protected’ which discourages smaller companies donating to charities. When I first set up the scheme most charities (Oxfam, Barnardos, UNC, Children in Need, Save the Children and many more would allow us to give money but not allow us to use their logo. This has cost them a lot of money in the past and potential money in the future.
We wish all our previous and future customers a Happy New Year.
To book an appointment with us contact PEST UK on-
0330 100 2811 or email us at- services@pestuk.com

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