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One Way Sewer Valve

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One Way Sewer Valve

A large number of rat problems stem from sewers. Breaches in sewers under buildings can be costly and time consuming. Repairs to sewers may run into the thousands of pounds. Baiting alone may or may not solve the problem but if the infestation originates from a sewer then future problems are likely unless the sewer issue is addressed. Baiting some sewer related rat problems just does not work as the rats that are killed from eating the bait are replaced by ‘new’ rats from the sewer. A solution is to fit a one way sewer valve.

It may be that rats are getting into the structure of the building via a broken or cracked pipe, a ‘bodged’ connection (kitchen & bathroom extensions are common for this) or a missing vent guard. Rats and sewer problems are just not restricted to inside buildings (although this is the most serious, time consuming and costly) but they may burrow out of compromised sewer systems in open ground and the rat population will spread out not the surrounding area.

Fitting a sewer one way return valve

A one way sewer valve is best fitted after an initial bait treatment has been conducted at your property. The technician will fit the appropriate valve to the pipe for your property. The valve has a flap that closes once the sewage has passed. These are a cost effective solution that prevents rats going ’up’ the sewer but the flap allows sewage to flow out. It also acts to prevent any back ups of sewage from entering the house.

Open sewer pipe

Sewer pipe where rats are entering house

The technician will place the valve in the best location to prevent rats getting back to your property.

One Way Sewer Valve fitted to sewer pipe

The price for fitting a one way sewer valve is £170.00 + VAT (outside M25) and £204.00 + VAT (inside M25).

If the property in question is a terraced, block of flats or semi detached house then more than one sewer valve may be needed.

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