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October Pests

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October Pests

October pests commonly dealt with by PEST UK include wasps, ladybirds, spiders, rats, mice and squirrels. Below we will briefly discuss each of these pests we are called out to treat in October and the autumn months.


A nest will get larger until the Autumn and it is the Autumn and early Winter when they are at their most aggressive. This is when they are likely to sting people. The workers have finished their job of nest maintenance and collecting food for grubs and are now feeding on rotting fruit (this makes them drunk and more aggressive). Wasp nests can stain ceilings and even eat through them in some instances.

LadybirdsOctober pests

Harlequin Ladybirds differ from native British Ladybirds in size, colour and in their hibernation habits. The colours of the Harlequin Ladybird vary from pale orange, to black with a variety of different spot configurations. They are also known as the multi coloured Asian Ladybird or the Halloween Ladybird. Harlequin Ladybirds hibernate in large groups in buildings in the same way that Cluster Flies do. As with Cluster Flies it appears that once a site is chosen the descendants tend to use the same site year after year.


Requests for spider control are most common in the Autumn and early Winter. This is when the spider population peaks, and as the days shorten and the weather gets colder and wetter spiders and other insects venture inside for shelter and warmth.

Rats & Mice

Lofts may be used as resting places, kitchens as a food source or both. Rats are very intelligent, adapting to their surroundings. This makes them one of the most successful animals on the planet and makes controlling rats a difficult task. If rats are inside the building you may hear them in wall cavities or in roof spaces.

People are more tolerant of mice than rats however they carry the same diseases as rats and are more likely to transmit such diseases, as they are braver and more curious, coming into closer contact with food, cutlery and work surfaces. Their need for constant gnawing causes damage to structures and property.

SquirrelsOctober pests

When squirrels enter a loft space, they can cause structural damage by tearing up loft insulation for bedding, chewing timbers, pipe work and items stored up there. They can also be a fire hazard by stripping insulation from electrical wiring, or by chewing through cabling which can cause fires or electrical problems. Insulation may be piled into large balls for the nest or drey. They are also very noisy, and if they drown in uncovered water storage tanks, may contaminate the water supply.


PESTUK are full members of the BPCA, the governing body for pest control in the UK. Using a BPCA member company ensures you have a qualified, fully insured company treating your pest problem.

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