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Noises in the Loft

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Noises in the Loft or Cavity Wall

A common enquiry into PEST UK is customers who phone up with noises in the loft or cavity walls. Listed below are the possible pest problems accepted with hearing noises in the loft or walls.

These can be noisy and a common scenario is rats coming in from the outside or from a breach in the sewer to go into the loft to rest or even to breed. There is usually no food source in a loft for them to be interested in but this will not stop them chewing cables and pipes (they have been known to start fires & cause floods) fouling water tanks, causing smells and don’t forget they carry diseases, some of which can be fatal.

Less noisy than rats, and they can live full time in lofts or wall cavities, feeding on insects, woodlice and seeds blown in. They carry many of the same diseases as rats and can cause the same sort of damage but on a lesser scale.

By far the noises of the rodent pests and can cause the most damage. Difficult to control and PEST UK is one of the only companies that offer a guaranteed service at a fixed price for Squirrels.

Most birds are protected (pigeons are not) so nothing can be done when young or eggs are present. Once the young have flown then holes in a building can be blocked up to prevent further problems or the issue can be tackled outside the nesting season.
Wasp & Bee Nests

This is quite common in the Summer, customers call us out for either noises in the loft or cavity wall or often they will state they have mice but when the technician gets into the loft they find a wasp or Bee nest.

Bumble Bee
PEST UK offer a guaranteed service to deal with any of the pest control problems
BPCA Squirrels


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