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Mouse Infestation At House Near Guildford Surrey

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mouseRecently I treated a mouse infestation at a house near Guildford in Surrey. The Lady was clearly alarmed by the mice, although it was not until I actually looked around the house that she realised quite how many mice were in fact present!
After I showed the lady the problems, she still seemed quite concerned, but I explained that at PestUK we are professionals and that it would be no problem to deal with any size of infestation. Mice can do over 80 droppings a day, so even if a situation looks really bad, often it is still very easy to deal with. I used professional use only poisons (including brodifacoum) in secure places around the house where the mice were present.
I explained that although the mice were in many different areas, they were mostly probably hiding in the loft. After investigating the house further I found that many of the air-bricks on the outside wall of the house needed proofing as they were large enough to permit entry by rodents. I then carried out this proofing in addition to the treatment, we do charge extra to do things like this, but like many of the technicians at PestUK I am quite capable of using tools to do small jobs like this professionally.
One of the air-bricks was also broken in the part of the wall adjacent to the kitchen, which was probably the main point of entry as mice had been attracted to food waste under the cooker. This is something that we see all too often at PestUK, and gaps in air-bricks are a very common cause of mouse infestation in older properties. I carried out 3 visits to this property, and as you can see below the lady was obviously quite pleased with the service.

I would like to let someone know how good a service we have had recently. Some mice moved into my kitchen and Rick from the pest uk guildford branch came out to help. He was professional and curteous , explained where they came in from and where they had been in the house without scaring me . He solved the problem and helped protect against a further infestation It was an excellent service and i have already passed on your companies details to colegues who also have a pest problem.
Thank you
Pippa Harden

At PEST UK we solve many pest control problems and this type of mouse problem is not unusual, We clear up most rat or mouse problems in two visits. On the first visit we try and establish why the rats or mice are there. Is there a food source? Is there a broken sewer? Are there any holes in the structure of the building? After addressing these matters we lay poison baits then return 2- 3 weeks later when we check that the treatment has been successful, pick up any bodies and the remaining baits. In most cases this is full y guaranteed.

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice feeding in a kitchen

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