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Moth and Carpet Beetle Problems in Hampshire and Berkshire

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MothHomes throughout the country are affected by moths and carpet beetles. The problem can be worse at the beginning of autumn, particularly in the south of England where although the days are getting shorter, the evenings can still be relatively warm and doors and windows are left open. Moths are attracted to light and will enter your home through these open doors and windows when the lights are on.

Adult Moths are not the ones doing the damage in your home. They do not usually feed at all –  they just lay their eggs and then die. It is the larvae however which cause the damage to carpets and clothes. They feed on the wool content in both clothes and carpet.

Carpet Beetles fly around feeding on pollen and nectar – once again it is the larvae that cause issues in the home. Bird nests are often the source of Carpet Beetle problems in your home.

Both Moths and Carpet Beetles develop in areas which are undisturbed – areas that are not regularly walked on or vacuumed,  typically under standing furniture. It is important to treat Moths and Carpet Beetles quickly as they cause a lot of damage to carpets and clothes and this will only become worse without treatment.

To solve the problem the area affected needs to be vacuumed thoroughly before any insecticide is applied, and in the case of stored product moths we recommend removing any contaminated food and thoroughly cleaning the cupboards. A residual insecticide should then be applied to the areas. Those areas treated should not be vacuumed or cleaned for at least a month after the treatment to make sure the insecticide has time to work.

To avoid re-infestation and prevention we recommend that all floor surfaces are regularly vacuumed thoroughly and old bird nests or wasp nests are removed from lofts.

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