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PESTUK deal with a lot of mole problems. There are two ways to control moles, trapping or gassing. Moles are very territorial (like Hamsters) and in a smaller areas it is often only one mole.

Gassing is best carried out when the ground is damp as the fumigant (phosphine gas) is only released when it comes into contact with moisture. The brand name of the gassing compound is ‘Talunex’. The advantage with gassing is that it is quicker than trapping (normally only one visit is needed) and there is no digging or major disruption to the lawn. The dis advantages are that:

It may not work! Success rate is between 70-90%,depending on circumstances.
Talunex is expensive so if failure(s) occur the treatment may cost more than a trapping program.
Rarely are the dead mole(s) seen as they die underground.
Talunex itself is highly toxic so you have to keep pests and people away from the treated areas for 24 hours. It is not residual however so soon disperses.


Trapping takes a minimum of 2 visits, usually with a 7 to 14 day interval between visits. The main advantage of mole trapping is that the results are seen when the mole or moles are caught. The other advantage is that there are no chemicals or rodenticides used.
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Costs for Treatments for moles

A gassing application based on one flask of gassing compound costs £100 + VAT. This is only for one visit and is not guaranteed. The cost for a trapping program involving 2 visits on a ‘domestic’ sized premises is £100 + VAT. With trapping we always guarantee to catch something. An area that was previously occupied by a mole is more likely in the future to be occupied again.
BPCA on Moles
For advice or to book a mole pest control treatment then please call PEST UK on: 0800 026 0308 (free phone from land lines and most mobiles) 0330 100 2811 (local rate).
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