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Well its been a busy few weeks at PestUK, but I have managed to find the time this weekend to update the blog. The grass snake eggs I found have all now hatched and been put back into the wild in a more suitable location. And the hamster I found in the summer time has been bought a new cage and is now happily living on my kitchen table!


Recently I have been very busy going bird work again and have installed several large pigeon nets in Slough and Bracknell. It is the time of year that there is a short lull before people stop getting wasps and start getting rodent problems, so  it is always good to do this time of work at this time of year!


However in this interim period I have found myself very busy with mole call outs again. I have several mole contracts in Berkshire and they have started to call me out abit earlier than usual. A mole contract is a great idea if you have horse fields, playing fields or similar that you need to keep protected by moles. At PestUK I do two types of treatments for moles. The most common treatment that I carry out is trapping, but I am qualified to use phostoxin gas aswell!

Later today I am going to have a look at a woodworm job in Surrey to see the severity of the problem. Woodworm treatments can be expensive, and often in my experience unnecessary, as in the summer months we usually have several calls a year for woodworm that are actually caused by ants! I am going to have a look at this job later as I believe that is probably the case here. If you are concerned about woodworm in your property please give us a call and we can come out and give you a survey to assess the situation.

Also in Virginia Water I recently shot a fox that was causing problems in an urban area. It was so bold that it was venturing through a catflap and coming into the house and stealing the cat food! Needless to say I set a live trap in the garden and a week later caught the fox. I came out and humanely dispatched it using a firearm within a few hours of receiving the call to say that it had been caught.

Rick P

To book a pest control treatment or free advice on Moles & Grass Snakes or another other pest related mater then please call us at PEST UK: 0330 100 2811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & some mobiles).

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