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Mice carry the same diseases as rats. People die form Wiels disease every year but some people regard mice as acceptable. They are not, they are vermin, a health hazard and as with rats they can chew through wires and can be the cause of fires and electrical short circuits. I have been to several mouse jobs where mice have chewed through dishwasher pipes and caused floods. I have seen many incidences of mice causing burglar and fire alarms to go off.

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice in Domestic Properties

They will come into buildings for refuge and/or food. Once into the structure of the building they may go into the loft, feeding on insects, seeds or any organic matter. From there they may follow the routes of pipes and cables and emerge into areas where they can become a much larger problem, in a kitchen for example. When mice come across an ample food source (a kitchen will have crumbs, fat deposits etc which will be enough even before they start on the stored food) they start breeding and the territories of the families of mice decreases as they don’t have to forage very far.
Mice in Restuarants

If an EHO does an inspection and finds evidence of rodents in food preparation or storage areas then the premises is likely to be shut down, such is the seriousness of the health threat mice pose. Restaurants and Take Aways are often in blocks of buildings meaning that they may enter from further away than the actual premises infested. They may have come in through open doors (doors in a commercial kitchen should be screened).

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