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Mice in March

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Mice in March

Normally the calls at PEST UK concerning mice in March are dropping off as the population usually peaks in the Autumn and declines and then picks up again in late Spring. This year has been slightly different due to the very mild Winter, especially December and early January. This mild weather meant that the breeding season was extended. Mice will breed all the year around providing they have adequate supplies of food, shelter and water. In the Winter as these supplies reduce they generally slow down or stop breeding. The decline in thew Autumn is followed by mice moving into buildings for food and shelter or into gardens where birds are fed. Bird feeding provides a source of high protein food on a regular basis as no matter how tidy people are, birds will peck at fat balls and grain/peanut feeders and spillage will occur. Most of the time this spillage is collected at night but in cases with a high density mouse population feeding may occur during the day. The warm weather this year has also changed the calls into PESTUK. We would expect the calls for domestic mouse problems to peak in January and be declining by March. This year has been different with calls concerning mice in March actually increasing through February and into March.
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Disease from Mice

Mice carry the same types of diseases as rats. They can also cause electrical problems or even fires by chewing through electric cables. I have been to houses where mice have caused floods by chewing through the rubber hoses on washing machines and dishwashers. Mice may be cute but they should not be tolerated.
What can be done about Mice in March?

PESTUK offer a guaranteed treatment for mice at a reasonable cost of £100 + VAT (this includes a minimum of 2 visits)

Call PEST UK on: 0330 100 2811 (local rates) or 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & some mobiles).
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