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Mice April

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Mice April

Mice are problems for people throughout the year and normally the number of mice in April is on the decline. This does not mean that the mouse population is decreasing. The opposite is happening, the mouse population is increasing in April. The reason for this is that the weather is getting warmer, daylight hours are increasing, vegetation is growing, people are feeding birds more in April and there is more natural food available such as grasses, buds, insects, slugs and worms. All these factors mean that mice don’t have to invade buildings to survive as they can survive outside and they can start to breed. This does not mean that mouse jobs cease, far from it in fact the mouse pest control jobs in April are less than the months of November, December, January and March they are still higher than the rest of the year.

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Mice April


Although people tend to think mice are ‘cute’ and harmless they are not. They carry the same diseases as rats. You are more likely to catch these diseases from mice as they urinate more frequently and are more likely to contaminate food preparation surfaces or drawers full of cutlery and cooking utensils than rats are. There is also the problem of the fire hazard they can cause in properties with older electrical systems as they often chew through cables and in some cases rubber water hoses. They can contaminate water tanks in lofts.
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Control of Mice April

PESTUK offer a guaranteed treatment for mice for a fixed price of £100 + VAT which includes a minimum of 2 visits.
To book a mouse treatment, for free advice on mice April or any other pest control matter then please call PEST UK on: 0800 026 0308 (free from land lines & most mobiles) or 0330 100 2811 (local rate)

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Pest Control Who Pays?

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