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Loft Insulation Contaminated by Rodents

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Most rodent infestations in buildings occur in loft spaces. This means that potentially the loft insulation is contaminated with rodent faces and urine which leaves a high risk of many types of diseases, some of which can be fatal. There is also the issue of smell. You don’t want to risk your health every time you go into your loft. Because this is such a serious issue that most pest control companies and local councils don’t bother with, PEST UK now offer a loft insulation removal, disposal & replacement service along with a biocide treatment at a fixed price. First the insulation is removed for disposal then a biocide treatment takes place to ensure the loft is free from rodent contamination and then fresh insulation is installed. For minor contamination we can also carry out a biocide treatment on its own. It is not only rats that can be a health hazard. People don’t realise that cute mice can carry exactly the same diseases as rats and in fact urinate more frequently making the risk of humans picking up disease more likely from mice. Grey Squirrels are not so much a disease threat than rats or mice but are far more destructive.

Mice feeding in a kitchen

Mice feeding in a kitchen

To find out how much does it cost to remove and replace contaminated loft insulation see our price list.

The price includes disposal of the contaminated loft insulation, vacuuming the loft, applying biocide, the supply and installation of new loft insulation. It is important that any rat, mouse or squirrel infestation is eliminated prior to any work being carried out.

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