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Jackdaw Rescued After Falling Down Chimney

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There are over 1.4 million pairs of jackdaws in the UK. They like to nest in chimneys and build their nests by pushing twigs down into the chimney pot until they are wedged tight. This can take a huge amount of twigs as lots fall down the chimney before a base is formed.

What problems are caused by a jackdaw’s nest in a chimney?


  • large amounts of twigs and debris fall down the chimney into the fireplace
  • twigs jammed into a chimney pot are very difficult to remove
  • a nest can only be removed if the young birds have left
  • the birds produce large amounts of droppings which smell unpleasant
  • nesting birds and their young are noisy
  • birds’ nests have mites, ticks, fleas and beetles which can find their way into your home


Jackdaws can also fall down the chimney and land in the fireplace below, making a mess because the jackdaw disturbs soot in the chimney and dislodges twigs as it falls.  It may also fly around the room in panic spreading soot onto the carpets and walls.

When a fireplace is disused and blocked up a jackdaw can get down the chimney and become trapped within the chimney breast.

Watch the video of PEST UK technician, Dan, removing the vent in a disused chimney breast and rescuing a jackdaw in Camberley.

How do PEST UK prevent jackdaws from accessing chimney pots?

  • Fitting a cowl or wire balloon to the top of the chimney pot stops jackdaws from gaining access
  • If the fireplace is disused and blocked up, the chimney pot can be capped although it may still need to let in air for ventilation
  • Bird Free repellent gel can be placed next to the chimney pot because it deters birds from the whole area

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