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Insects that bite people in the UK

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Insects that bite people in the UK fall into only 3 groups. Apart apart from airborne insects such as Horse Flies and Mosquitoes,  these are fleas, bed bugs or poultry mites. These are all blood feeders. They will pierce the skin and feed on blood. What causes the irritation or bite is the solution that the insect/ mite injects into the hole to prevent the blood clotting. Different people react differently to bites. It is not possible to look at a bite and identify which insect or mite caused the bite as everyone will react in a slightly different way. At PEST UK we deal with many incidences of people phoning up complaining of bites but with no evidence or marks on the skin. The skin is a sensitive organ and insect bites will be plain to see as rashes, irritation, and allergic reactions can be hard to see.
Bed Bug
At PEST UK we can normally identify which type of insect is causing the bites by asking a few questions. See below:

Have you any pets? (Cats in particular). If the answer is yes, then:
Are the insect bites on the lower legs? (adults). If the answer to these questions is yes then the culprit is almost certainly animal fleas but the other questions need addressing .
Are the insect bites all over the body? If yes then probably bed bugs.
Are you getting bitten at night? If yes again then almost certainly bed bugs.
Have you seen any small dark specks of partly digested blood on sheets, walls or ceilings? This type of evidence is not always evident but is often seen in severe infestations.
Have you any birds nesting in the loft? If yes then possibly poultry mites (if yes then possibly bird mites)
Can you see small reddish creatures on walls and ceilings? If yes to 5 & 6 then bird mites.

If any specimens are found then it is vital they are kept or a good photo taken but be warned just because an insect is found it does not mean that this is the one causing the bites.


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