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Industries most likely to be affected by pests during a heatwave

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Industries most likely to be affected by pests during a heatwave

Industries most likely to be affected by pests during a heatwave are those that produce or store food and beverages. Be this manufacturing or retail. Pests such as wasps, flies, and ants can become a big issue. Rats and mice can also be a problem.


As wasp numbers increase over the summer, restaurant and pub customers can be accosted by large numbers of wasps. Takeaways, bars, shops, and supermarkets can also be affected. Wasps can quickly become aggressive and can sting a person (your customer) multiple times if they feel threatened. 

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In warm weather and in heatwaves ants will be seen in large numbers, entering kitchens (commercial and domestic), foraging for food of a sweet nature. Once they find a source even more ants will join them.

Ants found in restaurants, pubs, and takeaway shops can prompt cleanliness concerns and damage your business’s reputation.

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Flies can multiply rapidly in hot weather such as a heatwave and can become a very large problem very quickly. Food refuse and waste areas can see lots of flies invading the area if prevention measures are not taken. This involves ensuring that bins are fully sealed and that no waste is left out for them to feed on.

Food premises with a fly issue should seek pest control action immediately as flies carry disease and contaminate any surface or food they land on.

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Rodents such as rats and mice are generally less active or noticed in summer months, however some times if a supply of food, and water for rats, is readily available without them risking exposure to predators then their numbers increase. Again food and drink waste or badly stored ingredients can lead to an infestation.

Not only do rodents bring fleas and other insects with them, but they also carry disease. Rodents are a sign of poor hygiene and should ideally not be found in any food establishment, kitchen, or food production establishment that has sufficient hygiene standards.

It is always recommended that businesses involved in food production have a form of pest control contract in place to keep pests such as rodents away. PEST UK can provide free quotations for this upon request.

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