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Is the Increase of Pest Problems down to Wealth?

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Is the Increase of Pest Problems down to Wealth?
Pest problems are normally associated with poverty and to a certain degree this is true. Bed bugs for example can be associated with immigration from Eastern Europe (the last major influx of immigrants into the UK came from Eastern Europe that is near enough for them to bring their own furniture and bed bugs!) but they are also associated with foreign travel and hotels. Bed bugs do not discriminate, they will infest 5 star hotels just as easily as dingy bedsits. The increase in foreign travel and to countries outside Europe must have influenced the rise in bed bug infestations.
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Bed Bug

In the past twenty years as more people are in work the popularity of cats over dogs has increased due to cats being easier to look after if both adults are working in a household. More cats lead to more fleas. If cats are out and about in the Summer one cat can spread fleas to other cats they come into contact with. Fleas don’t care if a carpet is clean or dirty in fact they prefer a dense high quality pure wool carpet.
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Rats, Mice and Squirrels

These pests definitely have benefited from the massive rise in bird feeding during the past 20 years. The main culprits are the hanging peanut feeders, fat balls and seed feeders. Tons of bird feed is bought in the UK every week, much of it consumed by rats and mice. Another part of modern life are food take aways which again provide food in the way of food debris litter being spread over a wide area of the country but the waste, litter and cooking oil produced by the take away shop itself.
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Obviously bird feeding in gardens has befitted these pests but also the increase in people in work taking lunch breaks in parks with their shop bought sandwiches feeding pigeons. They also benefit from the result of food takeaway debris and litter.
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