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How Do Pigeons Spread Diseases?

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How do pigeons spread diseases?

The problems that nesting birds cause include smells, a build-up of droppings which can block gutters and drains, noise and general nuisance. They are also possible of causing health problems. Pigeons spread diseases via their droppings. These diseases can include- psittacosis which is a flu-like disease, also known as parrot fever. Histoplasmosis is a disease that affects the lungs, from a fungus in the droppings. This can be fatal if it spreads from the lungs. Cryptococcosis, a yeast-like fungus can also be fatal. Toxoplasmosis is a parasitic disease. Not as common but still possible to catch is salmonella and E.coli, 

Birds will often get into the eaves of houses. This can cause problems of parasites, noise & mess. Unfortunately, the types of birds that nest in these areas are usually starlings or sparrows, both are protected and it is against the law to disturb, eggs, nests or young. Blocking off the holes will have to be done when they are no longer present.

pigeons spread diseases

Treatment of birds

PESTUK technicians can provide proofing to entry holes into lofts and through eaves and soffits. Methods of bird control, preventing roosting on roofs, balconies and other high areas include spikes, night shoots and netting. Depending on the situation each has its merits and best use.


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