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How Do Mosquitos Survive the Winter?

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It is unlikely that you will be seeing mosquitos at this time of year, it will most likely be a gnat. Mosquitos can survive till the next warm season though. So, how do mosquitos survive the winter?

Differences between gnats and mosquitos

Gnats have transparent wings and long legs like a mosquito. They will swarm together and are attracted to sources of light just like mosquitos. Both insects are active in the summer months and so can be mistaken for each other in spring and summer as well. Mosquitos lay their eggs in stagnant water. Gnats will lay eggs in rotting wood or moist areas. Gnats do not have biting mouth parts so any bites found this time of year could be from horse flies, fleas or other types of gnat.

How do mosquitos survive the winter?

Mosquito biology

Mosquitos are cold blooded and when temperatures drop the females will enter a type of hibernation known as a diapause.This can happen at any stage of their life cycle development. This is not the case for the males though as they will die off. Mosquito eggs will also survive cold weather and will wait for the perfect conditions to hatch and start their life cycle.

There are over 30 types of mosquito in the UK, none are known to carry diseases as those from more tropical locations do. The most they will do is cause familiar itchy red swollen bites.

Dealing with mosquitos

Mosquito eggs will be lain in stagnant water. The small brown larvae hang from the surface of the water, turning into comma-shaped aquatic pupae in four to ten days. Within a few days, the adult emerges with a need for blood. Human or animal. Only the females feed and require a meal of blood before they can lay their eggs. Female mosquitos hibernate in dark corners of houses, sheds, basements and other sheltered areas. Our technicians can apply residual insecticide sprays to areas within the house that eggs or the females will travel over. These sprays are perfectly safe for mammals but deadly to insects.


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