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Hart District Council Pest Control Charges

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Hart District Council Pest Control charges are mainly lower than that of PEST UK. I do notice that they can take up to four visits to get rid of a rodent problem. In m option this shows an old fashioned ‘put as much bait as possible’ approach to rat and mouse problems. At PEST UK if we don’t clear a rat or mouse problem (or any pest problem) within 2 or 3 visits then we consider to have failed. We achieve this by tackling the issue on several fronts, first we find out why there is a problem, what the food source is, where they are living and then use poison baits only once these issues have been addressed. If not then the treatment may fail and even if it doesn’t a repeat infestation is likey to happen in the future.
Bed Bug
One of the pests that Hart District Council charge a very high price for is Bed Bugs. These really take skill to treat properly and at PEST UK we have an extremely high success rate, partly down to our strict preparation policy when it comes to Bed Bugs. Proper preparation usually means that the treatment will succeed and that less insecticide has to be used. With Bed Bugs it is vital that the bedrooms are thoroughly cleaned, curtains taken down, wardrobes and drawers emptied and the bed stripped. Any items that are removed must be either washed, tumble dried or put in a freezer overnight. It is also important with bed bugs that the rooms are slept in after treatment as the release of carbon dioxide at night encourages bed bugs to leave their hiding places and crawl over the treated surfaces. The rooms should be kept warm but well ventilated to reduce humidity.
You may save money on some pests (not all!) by using Hart District Council instead of PEST UK but at PEST UK you know that all technicians are CRB checked, properly trained and fully insured.
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