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Harrow Council state on their website:

‘Harrow council’s pest control charges remain highly competitive and have been benchmarked against other London councils.’ This may be true ‘against other London councils’ but why would anyone pay these prices when you can get a far superior service from a private company like PEST UK. Harrow Council don’t even guarantee their work. They won’t give fixed visiting times. They won’t work evenings, week ends and Bank Holidays (PEST UK operate 7 days a week, including bank Holidays). Harrow Council Pest Control Department are ripping off the people they are meant to represent. Why are they allowed to get away with this?

The problem is that often people don’t know that nowadays there are many private pest control companies competing for work. Choose a British Pest Control Association member and you will get a fully trained technician, CRB checked, fully insured and then an organisation to fall back on should there be any problems. The public trusts their own local council not to rip them off but in most cases this is plainly not true. They are charging above commercial rates for a poor service. Harrow Council Pest Control don’t even pay for any advertising fees, private companies like PEST UK pay thousands of pounds every year. This money that they don’t spend goes straight in the council’s pocket.

The fairest way would be to direct prospective customers to the British Pest Control Association website. On this site is a section called ‘Find a Pest Controller’ where the customer puts their postcode in the web site and then are given several BPCA members to choose from. The council would then not be making money out of the people they represent but also protecting their residents from the many cowboy pest control companies operating.

Harrow Council Pest Control & PEST UK Prices 2015


Harrow Council Pest Control & PEST UK Prices 2015

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