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Harrow Council Pest Control Prices compared to PEST UK

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IMG_2720At PEST UK we have been looking at our prices as we have not had a price rise (except for wasp nests) for at least seven years. What is amazing is that the pest control department of Harrow Council charges way above the going rate for pest control even though it is subsidised by the Council Tax Payer.

Here is what they charge (Harrow Counci’s charges bold):

Rats and Mice
Domestic owner or occupied properties – £114 per treatment. Each treatment usually requires two visits, although a third visit can be arranged if necessary.
Tenanted properties will be treated at the domestic charge of £114  – payable by either the tenant or landlord.
Small commercial premises, excluding food businesses – £260 (£130 per visit, minimum 2 visits required). Payment for 2 visits will be taken at the time of booking. Larger jobs: per hour per operative as priorities allow – price to be quoted by Animal Services Officer.

PEST UK only charge £108.00 inc VAT for a fully guaranteed treatment and will not (under normal circumstances) charge for further visits. PEST UK charge commercial customers and domestic the same rate. It all depends on the size of the premises and the amount of work that needs doing.

Squirrels (trapping only)
Domestic owner/occupied properties (2 visits 5 days apart) – £109

Although PEST UK charge £144.00 inc VAT this again is a guaranteed treatment with as many visits as it takes to eliminate the problem. Very, very rarely can a squirrel trapping program be completed in two visits. This means that the customer will be paying much more than the Harrow Council’s advertised price of £109.00.

Wasps (colony killed but nest not removed) – £71 Additional colony treated at the same time as initial treatment – £21

This is an outrageous price, PEST UK only charge £60.00

Cockroaches (domestic premises only) Gel bait – £130 for one treatment (2 visits are required as part of this treatment).

PEST UK charge £108.00

Fleas and general insect sprays – £130 for one visit.

PEST UK charge £72.00

Pharaohs Ants – £135 for one visit (minimum of 2 visits required).

PEST UK charge £108.00

Bed bugs –  £230 for an initial survey and two treatment visits. Properties with more than three bedrooms are charged £25 extra per additional room.

PEST UK charge only £108.00 inc VAT. Very occasionally 2 sprays are needed (this 2nd spray is discounted) after which the treatment is fully guaranteed. Their web site makes no mention of the extensive preparation needed for bed bug treatments or any guarantee.

Other insects / services – £160

PEST UK charge £72.00 inc VAT

Annual contracts for pest control services, eg rodents, are available to residents and businesses – price on application and survey.

They are a council. Why are they getting involved in commercial pest control? It leads to a conflict of interests. Say they have a pest control contract at a restaurant and the pest controller is not doing the job properly and the place is then inspected by the Harrow Council EHO. Does the EHO criticise the pest controller (who works in the same department). Do they recommend prosecution of the pest controller for failing to do the job properly? Do they recommend another pest control company? Probably no to all questions.


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