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Guildford Pest Control

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Guildford pest control    

In Guilford pest control services are provided by our technicians Marcin, Sean and Mel on a daily basis. Though all  our technicians are able to respond if need be. We always recommend that you visit the BPCA website for information on who is a reliable pest control company or if you are looking for further information.

Who are the BPCA?

The BPCA are the governing body for pest control. They’re a not for profit organisation that represents  750 organisations and 3500 individuals with professional interest in the eradication of public health pests in the UK.

The BPCA promotes the highest standards of professional conduct and work within our industry. They only allow organisations that prove their competence and skill to join as members. A directory of member companies is available on their website. You can also call them to get advice directly.Guildford pest control

Why you should always use a BPCA pest controller

A BPCA member company ensures that the work they do ensures the safety of you, your family and the local wildlife. Member companies are fully insured, trained and take annual exams to remain relevant and operating within the law. 

Guildford pest control

Common Guildford pests

Pests dealt with in the Guildford area include- rodents, squirrels, cockroaches and also wasps and bees. All our technicians are fully trained, insured and members of the PROMPT/Basis scheme and CRB checked. PESTUK  provide pest control for Schools, businesses and restaurants.

Unlike some companies and councils we work 7 days a week, and our office is contactable 24 hours a day, you will always speak to a person and never a machine with us.

Please call us on-

PEST UK (Guildford & Godalming)

01483 789785


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