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Squirrels in Lofts

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Squirrels in Lofts:
The Grey Squirrel is not a natural inhabitant of England. It was imported from North America and either deliberately or accidentally released in the South of England and spread, replacing the native Red Squirrel. They are classed as vermin and many efforts have been made to eliminate them by trapping and shooting. These efforts have failed. As they are vermin and classified as an alien species, it is illegal release Grey Squirrels (as Rolf Harris used to do on Animal Rescue).
Grey Squirrel
PEST UK get calls throughout the year from customers who have problems with Squirrels in Lofts. In the Autumn squirrels will look for over wintering sites within their territory. Each family (or single male) will have their own territory, the size of which depends on food availability, for example if the territory includes a garden with bird feeders then that territory does not need to be as large as one without. The result of bird feeding over a wide area leads to a greater population density which actually harms birds as Grey Squirrels will eat young birds and any eggs. Within the territory the family or single male squirrel will have several Dreys and a loft site will be treated as one of those. In colder weather they will visit oft ‘Dreys’ more frequently.
Grey Squirrel Feeding on spilt bird food
Squirrels in Lofts can be controlled by trapping and/or poisoning. The type of poison allowed to be used is a low concentration (lower than rat poison) on whole wheat. Problem is that whole wheat is attractive to Grey Squirrels in the middle of a forest where types of high protein foods are not as available as they are from a bird feeder. To over come this we tend to use either traps or add attractants to the bait. PEST UK offer a fixed price guaranteed treatment for a domestic premises, unlike many pest control companies that charge per visit.Squirrel
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