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Removing Squirrels

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Removing Squirrels from Lofts and Gardens


squrrel deadSquirrels are territorial and there will be a dominant male accompanied by a female and possibly young, depending on the time of year. The squirrels will treat a loft space the same as they would a drey (a drey is the name for a squirrels nest which is made of twigs and normally situated in trees) and there will be several dreys within the squirrels territory. The size of the squirrel’s territory is depends on food supply, if food is abundant the the territory will be smaller. Once inside a loft a drey will be constructed, this may be of loft insulation or whatever material s available, it won’t be as ‘thick’ as a twig and leaf drew constructed in a tree as inside a loft will be warmer and protected from the weather. This new drey will then be visited by the squirrel farm periodically, more often in colder weather and breeding the season.

Getting Rid of the Squirrels from the Loft

Squirrel caught in trap First any blocking of holes or proofing must be done AFTER the present Squirrel family has been eliminated. Attempting this before elimination can result in squirrels damaging the roof as the try to get in. PEST UK do this using a combination of traps and/or poisons. It can take several visits. PEST UK offer a guaranteed treatment for squirrels. Not many pest control companies guarantee squirrels as they are difficult to treat, most just charge per visit.

Squirrel Proofing in Lofts

Prices for proofing lofts involving Grey Squirrels start from £65.00 + VAT. It depends how high the areas that need work on are. (Proofing for squirrels normally is done externally while rats & mice usually internally.) It also depends on what needs to be done. The PEST UK technician in all cases can supply quotes for any proofing work.
Grey Squirrel killed in a Kania

Getting Rid of the Squirrels in a Garden

First priority is reducing any food supply (bird feed). The only way now is trapping. poison was allowed to be used but this is shortly being withdrawn. Poison bait in domestic situations gave poor results anyway and in most cases PEST UK would use external trapping to eliminate a squirrel population. Although we guarantee to catch squirrels complete elimination may not be possible as the territory may in time be re occupied by another family but the may take some time.
PEST UK will charge per visit in the case of external trapping. Electronic scarers used inside or outside do not work. Don’t waste your money!
Grey SquirrelGrey Squirrel Feeding on spilt bird food
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