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Getting Rid of Wasps

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Getting Rid of Wasps

Many people will try getting rid of wasps themselves before contacting a pest control company. Here is some general information about wasps.

Identifying a wasps nest

Wasps nests are recognised by their brown to grey colour and are made of a papier mâché like material. Nests start off approximately golf ball size when the Queen comes out of the over wintering stage. It will then continue growing until the end of Autumn. The size of the nest, and of the wasps themselves can depend on the available food for the drones and grubs.

Important facts about wasps

Wasps can sting repeatedly and this means that even people not allergic to wasps, if stung enough times can have serious health issues. They can release a pheromone when they feel threatened that can bring others of the nest to aid them. Only young fertilised Queens will survive through winter to create new nests the next year.

Treating a wasps nest

We would always recommend the use of a professional pest control company to treat wasps as they can be very aggressive when defending their nest. A technician will come to your property and will treat the nest or the entrance to the nest with a residual insecticide. The insecticide is not harmful to people or pets but dangerous to the hymenopterous group of insects including wasps, bees and ants. The nest will be hyper active after the treatment for a few hours. We recommend people and pets are kept away from the area until activity has ceased. Close your windows and warn neighbours to keep away from the area.


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