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Getting Rid of Cockroaches in Houses and Flats

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CockroachIf you have problems getting rid of cockroaches in houses and flats don’t despair!  Cockroaches are now relatively ‘easy’ to treat compared with bed bugs and other insect pests due to the introduction of the new cockroach baits. Successful treatments do rely on the premises being clean and grease free. Problems of re infestation occur when the flat or house treated is attached to other flats and/or houses that are also infested. A problem house or flat that has poor hygiene and/or the occupants are not concerned with cockroaches can lead to a block of flats or row of terraced houses being repeatedly infested over a period of many years. This is the main reason why it is difficult to supply a guarantee with cockroach treatments.

Should the Landlord Pay

cockroach-jpgWe often get asked this question. As pest controllers we try not to get involved but as Cockroaches are considered a health hazard (unlike wasps or garden ants but similar to rats and mice) then really the Landlord (whoever they are) should pay.

Treatments to Eradicate or Get Rid of Cockroaches

There are several species of cockroach but the main one is The German Cockroach. It’s not from Germany all cockroaches come from the tropics but act differently in temperate climates. In domestic situations cockroaches will live in fridges, cookers, boilers and any gas or electrical appliance that regularly heats up. They will then venture out to get food. They feed on any organic substance but the higher the protein the better which is why the infested area (including inside cookers etc) needs to be grease and fat free. We lay a gel bait which is eaten by the cockroach. The cockroach takes a few days to die, depending on how much is infested but any droppings the cockroach makes are eaten by other cockroaches which will also die but again any droppings the 2nd cockroach does are eaten by other cockroaches who also die! This happens 4 time! Once the cockroach dies other cockroaches eat the body and they die and again this happens 4 times. After the PEST UK technician has laid the bait they make another visit in about 3 weeks to check the treatment has worked and lay non toxic permeate sticky traps which are left down so the occupier can see when or if any more cockroaches are present or come along in the future.

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