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Cluster Flies & Ladybirds

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Getting rid of Cluster Flies & Ladybirds in a House:
The answer to this question is that practically it is not possible to eliminate hibernating Cluster Flies & Ladybirds for their hibernation site in a house. The reason for this is that the area where you are seeing the Cluster Flies and Ladybirds may only be the edge of the hibernation site. For example, if you are seeing Cluster Flies & Ladybirds around windows or in loft spaces you will not be seeing the ones hibernating in the cavity walls or between the felt and the roof tiles.
Small Yellow Cluster Fly

The treatment of the Cluster Flies & Ladybirds is normally an application of insecticide in either a residual spray, a powder, fogging or insecticide smoke generator. The fogging and insecticide smoke generator methods are quick and can cover a large area in a short space of time and if done at the right time (too early and not all the flies and ladybirds would have arrived at the hibernation site and too late then the results won’t be as effective as the metabolism of the flies and ladybirds slows down as the temperature drops making insecticides less effective and slower working) these methods will kill hundreds or even thousands of flies and ladybirds. Problem is that neither methods are vet residual (the smoke generators have no insecticide residually, meaning a few hours after treatment there may be no insecticide working, depending on circumstances). The fogging method is more residual but not as residual as powders or sprays. These last two methods do have their drawbacks, sprays don’t work very well on dusty surfaces (like in lofts) and powders won’t stick to smooth surfaces like rood felt. The Pest Control Technician will advise on the method and timing of any treatment.
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