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Get Rid of Hornets

Hornets are much bigger than wasps. If you have a nest you’ll see hornets, between May and November, entering and leaving a hole in the ground, wall, roof or any other part of a building. You may also see hornets inside your home, particularly when the days are shortening as they are attracted to artificial

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Get Rid of a Harlequin Ladybird Infestation

Prices from £90/£100 +VAT To get rid of a Harlequin ladybird infestation from your home or business premises call 0800 026 0308 In autumn Harlequin ladybirds collect in huge numbers inside buildings as they prepare to hibernate. This takes place gradually over several days. Initially they gather on outside walls and sun themselves. In spring

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Mites / Plaster Beetles Problems?

How Do I Know I Have A Mite Problem? There are many different types of mites but the ones that are troublesome to people are: The Flour Mite, which feeds off cereal products The Poultry or Bird Mite which feeds off the blood of birds & humans The Clover Mite which feeds off plants but

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Get Rid of Silverfish

Prices from £90 +VAT To get rid of silverfish from your home or business premises call 0800 026 0308 Silverfish are nocturnal, silvery grey wingless insects approx 1cm long with long bristles at their tail. They are usually found in damp or humid areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. They move quickly but often become

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