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Moths & False Widow Spiders

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Geeks, Moths & False Widow SpidersGecko found in food warehouseYesterday (27/11/13) we had a call from an existing pest control contract customer. The company is called JV Foods. They are an importer of specialised foreign foods. They started off importing and distributing Mexican foods but have expanded from a farm unit to a large modern warehouse and now import food from all over the world. Any way the problem was that they found a Gecko in the warehouse. At PEST UK we have eight technicians and two of them are reptile experts. JV Foods sent us photo’s of the Gecko and one of our reptile experts (Paul Bendell) thinks it as a Crested Gecko from Madagascar. He is going today to pick it up and will re house it. There is one problem with this however as JV Foods don’t import any food from Madagascar but we will confirm the identification later.

Another contract customer in the same business had a problem with their customer accusing them of supplying Chillies infested with Moths and their larvae. Our customer thinks that the moths may be at the customers end and infesting the Chillies from there as there is nothing at our customers warehouse. It may be that the moths are mot appearing until later once they have reached the end destination. In either case we will know more once the moths have been identifies. We have takes pictures and specimens to the lab we use at Killgerm Chemicals. (See pictures)
Moth found in chilliesMoth larvea (found in packet of chillies, spinning a cocoonAnother moth larvea spinning a cocoon. You can see bits of Chillies caught in the silk
The False Widow Spider saga continues. I took a call from a person who had found what he thought were spiders eggs on a bunch of bananas. He wanted us to identify the eggs. If he got a positive identification (in other words a False Widow or ‘other venomous spider) he wanted his house treated. This was possible but it would have taken time. He was not prepared to wait and went back to the supermarket.
Male False Widow Spider

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