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Fox Control: Schools

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Fox Control: Schools

At PEST UK we carry out many fox control operations at schools through out the South of England. Foxes are a problem in many areas and types of premises, including domestic and commercial sites but particularly in schools where the foxes foul the school playing fields with their droppings, leaving the school children at risk from Toxocariasis.
Foxes carry a wide range of diseases. There are web sites that falsey state that are not a disease threat to humans as well as stating that foxes are not considered vermin. As well as Toxocariasis they encourage rats in urban areas by their droppings and the result of them feeding and scattering rubbish about. They also spread Sarcastic Mange, Weils disease (this can be transmitted to humans), Hydatid disease, Fleas, Ticks and in North America and Europe they also spread Rabies. In an event of a breakout of Rabies in the UK, foxes would be major carriers of Rabies.
Fox Control at Schools
The most efficient way to control foxes is by shooting. In some instances fox shooting is not suitable. Fox shooting is done at dusk, dawn or night using high powered live ammunition rifles. PEST UK have licensed marksmen especially trained for this purpose. At PEST UK we have culled hundreds of foxes over the past 20 years.
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Fox Trapping

If shooting is not possible then trapping is the next proffered option. This is more labour intensive than shooting and not always successful.

Fox Repellents

These sometimes work in areas where foxes have choices to go elsewhere and is not near a breeding, living area or food source.

Fox Control

Any fox control is not always successful. Foxes are intelligent and adaptable creatures.

Call PEST UK to discuss your problem (or any pest control problem) wether it be commercial, domestic or a school: 0330 1002811 (local rate) or 0800 026 0308 (free from landlines & some mobiles).

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