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Fleas in March

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Fleas in March, this is the first month of the year when flea problems start to increase, peaking in late Autumn. This March will be busier for fleas than most years because the Easter UK holidays start in March. Fleas are often only noticed when the host animal is absent and they are forced to feed on people. As the Easter holidays are in March, there will be more problems with fleas this year.

Fleas in March

Fleas in March

Fleas have changed their behaviour over the past 40 years. Where as before fleas would spend more of their time on the cat or dog or in the animal’s bedding, Nowadays fleas will live throughout the house in the carpet, animal bedding and furniture. They will also be constantly moving around. The other factor is that it is estimated that 99% of all fleas today are cat fleas where as 40 years ago there would have been a mix of cat, dog and human fleas. Occasionally you may get hedgehog, bird or rabbit fleas in houses. The cat flea will feed of most animals.
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Treating the Cat or Dog

Treating the cat or dog with Program or a similar product helps but in severe infestations is often not enough. Used as part of the pest control treatment and as a preventative measure these treatments are worth while. If you do have a pest control flea treatment then treating your animal and keeping the animal in the house for long periods helps speed up the elimination process.
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Treatment for Fleas in March

PESTUK offer a guaranteed flea treatment for £65 + VAT. To book a flea treatment, free advice or any other pest control matter then call 0330 100 2811.

PESTUK offer a 7 day a week service with early morning, late evening and weekend appointments available.


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