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Ealing wasps

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Wasps in Ealing information

Wasps in Ealing are usually more prevalent in Summer months. Unlike Bees Wasps will sting people and pets sometimes unprovoked but usually when threatened. This is a risk and cause for concern, if you have small children or pets as some wasp stings, can be very dangerous causing severe reactions, with several people dying from wasp stings every year.

Ealing Wasp problems

Wasps become more aggressive in late summer and autumn.

Cold weather & Wasps in Ealing

The cold will affect wasps and severe frosts can kill adult wasps (Queen wasps however are resistant to frosts once they are overwintering, also known as hibernation) but generally the cold weather will just slow down the wasps and can even extend their life.

The reason for this is that the lower temperature will slow down the metabolism of the wasps so that they don’t ‘burn out’, unlike wasps in the height of summer where they may be active for over 15 daylight hours and then still working fanning the wasp nest at night to keep it cool.

Worker wasps in hot conditions are thought to have a lifespan of 6-8 weeks whereas wasps operating in lower temperatures and shorter days will live much longer. When the days are colder and shorter, wasps may remain inactive for days at a time, only becoming active once the days become warm enough. This process cannot continue forever, and eventually the whole nest (apart from the ‘new’ Queen wasps) will die out.

So, does the cold kill wasps? The short answer to this question is no.

Wasp Control from PestUK

A Wasps nest in Ealing


Wasps in Ealing homes

Wasp problems occur in cold weather when the wasp nest is in a house and becomes affected by the artificial conditions of heat and light supplied by houses – without this artificial stimulation the wasp nest would not pose a problem. These artificial conditions can draw wasps out of nests and into contact with people in Ealing.

Wasps that are ‘pulled’ out of a nest in these conditions are more likely to sting people, and in fact we find that more people get stung by wasps from October to December than in the height of summer.

PESTUK Ealing can treat wasp nests or the areas in a house afected by wasp problems in cold weather, either by treating the nest directly and/or applying a residual insecticide and/or ‘fogging’ insecticide treatment to give relief to the wasp problem.

It must be remembered that any treatment when insects are cold takes much longer (wasp problems treated in December may take 2-3 weeks to work.

PESTUK (Ealing)
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For further information on wasps please visit the BPCA or visit our website at PESTUK.com


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