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DIY Pest Control, Wasps & Rodenticides :
Many people try and carry out pest control themselves, some succeed but many don’t. I will tell a few instances.

I was called out to a house in Caversham, Reading to deal with a wasp nest. When I arrived I was directed to the garden where there was a burnt out shed and thousands of angry wasps. The occupier had discovered a wasp nest in his shed and decided the best way was to douse the nest in petrol and set light to it. The shed burned down but the wasp nest survived. A less dramatic job involving a wasp treatment was a lady in Wokingham, Berkshire who had a nest in the cavity wall of her house. She went to B & Q for advice and they gave her some expanding foam to block the entrance of the nest. This she did but the wasps then found another exit route which happened to be in her kitchen. They were angry and she was stung quite badly. Blocking up the entrance to a wasp or bee nest is the most common mistake when people try to treat wasp nest. This usually just a nuisance that leads to stings rather than poisoning of wildlife and other animals that the misuse of insecticides and rodenticides in other cases can lead to.
German Wasp
On a more serious note it can be possible (but illegal) to buy rodenticides and insecticides that are passed for professional use over the internet. At PEST UK we have seen many, many instances where rodenticides (rat, mouse or squirrel poison) have been used in a manner where birds, cats, dogs and other wildlife have been poisoned. I have seen rat poison thrown onto a lawn loose with no thought to other animals. It was ‘sown’ amongst the bird food (also scattered on the lawn & bird table). If controlling clever animals as rodents or destroying wasp nests, removing bee nests, trapping moles, trapping squirrels, treating ants etc was that easy then pest control companies would not exist. rat


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