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Types of Wasp & Fly Traps:
I have been running a test using different types of wasp traps and a fly trap. Initially the disposable Wasp Bag far outperformed the other types of traps, it even caught more flies than the Disposable Fly Bag trap which is designed to catch flies. As the weather has got colder then the disposable wasp Bag’s performance has reduced. i had to replace the first bag as it was so full of wasps. When the wasp bag gets full wasps still get into the bag but take a long time to die. I was feeling sorry for the wasps as they were taking a long time to die. Hornets were going into the wasp bag but seemed to prefer the dome type traps. I have let quite a few Hornets out of the traps. The re fillable dome type traps, I am testing 2 different sorts, performed equally as well. The volume of wasp attractant needed is less to fill them but they do fill up. Once the weather got colder these types of traps started to catch moths as well as flies, hornets and wasps.

I have been running this test for 2 months now and the conclusion is:

The Wasp Bag – The advantages are that it is service free, holds lots of fluid but still not enough to last all of the wasp season, while the weather was hot to warm it outperformed all the other traps put together (including fly catches).
Disposable Wasp Bag from PEST UK
The Fly Bag – Contains a soluble lure that dissolves in water once added. Caught some flies and wasps but was out performed by the other traps even though the other traps were wasp traps.

Fly Trap from PEST UK

Fly Trap from PEST UK

The re fillable Dome Traps – These performed equally as well, not a patch on the disposable bag trap in terms of performance when hot but worked better once cold. Disadvantage in that it started catching moths once the weather was colder. Moth catches in the wasp bag were rare as the entry holes are not very large. These disposable traps also need re filling every few weeks depending on the level of catch.
Re fillable Wasp Trap


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