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Do I still need a pest control contract if my business is closed?

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COVID-19 and Pest Control Contracts

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has led to the closure of many commercial premises. This includes bars, restaurants, takeaway shops, pubs, and cafés. Because of this, many customers have asked to postpone upcoming visits or even cancel their pest control contracts all together. We do not recommend this. We cannot express enough the importance of a pest control contract for commercial premises even if your premises remain closed.

Previously we spoke about the pest explosion that threatened to occur should pest control companies close due to the lockdown. Fortunately, pest control has now been confirmed by the government as an essential service. Pest management is covered in the key worker list under the “food and necessary goods” section, specifically concerning hygiene. 

This means despite the current lockdown, pest management companies like ours can continue to protect commercial businesses from pests, especially during the warmer months when pest issues are likely to surge.


Why your premises still needs visits despite being closed 

Pests aren’t deterred by a ‘closed’ sign. An unoccupied food premise is equally, if not more, inviting to pests. Pest control contracted visits are extremely important for your business. There are three main reasons for this:


1. Hygiene

Effective pest control is essential to maintain sufficient hygiene standards. Unoccupied premises will attract pests that can contaminate surfaces and food. Pests spread harmful bacteria and diseases. These won’t necessarily go away when you reopen your business, putting your customers, and your reputation, at risk. The absence of a pest control contract would cause your premises’ hygiene standards to plummet, making the environment unsafe to resume work in.


2. Pest are destructive (to your premises and your pocket)

Rodents are one of the most common, and most destructive, pests to find in unoccupied food premises. When left to their own devices rodents can cause destruction and/or damage to infrastructure and electricals. Turning a blind eye to your commercial premises during lockdown could mean you return to a huge list of things to repair before you’re able to operate normally again, costing you more money in the long run. 


3. It is a legal requirement 

Regardless of the fact that pests affect hygiene standards and can be extremely destructive, it is illegal not to have a pest control contract for your premises. 

Food business operators have a responsibility to control pests. Maintaining a pest control contract is a legal requirement for most food premises even if they are temporarily closed. 

“…food premises are to permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against contamination and, in particular, pest control.” –


Be smart, keep your pest control contract 

Regular monitoring of premises through contract visits throughout the year allows our technicians to assess and recommend hygiene and proofing where necessary, and deal with any issues when they arise, preventing long term damage to your business and its reputation. Cutting costs on pest control contracts can have serious consequences. It may be tempting to forego a pest control contract in order to save some money, but it is not worth the risk.


How we’re taking extra precautions

Our technicians are equipped with PPE and are taking extra precautions when visiting the premises. We are carrying out social distancing in line with the current guidelines. In most cases, our technicians are speaking to customers via the phone rather than face-to-face to minimise contact on visits. For contract visits, external baits can be checked by our technicians with zero customer interaction. Should internal checks be required, we ask that any rooms be aired out before the technician arrives and for no one else to be in the room. Our technicians can work around what is best for you and your business.

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