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Cold Weather & Pest Control Contract:
This coming week at PEST UK will see a further reduction in the seasonal insect pests such as Cluster Flies, ‘other Flies, and Wasps (& Wasp Nests, requests for removal). This will be due to the cold spell we expecting this week that will kill off or send into hibernation these types of pests. Today (18/11/13) we have booked up several Cluster Fly jobs, Wasp Nest treatments, Bed Bugs, Moles and Fleas. Fleas seem to be the pest on the increase at the moment.

A new pest control contract was started today in a restaurant in the Reading town centre. This was in the older part of the town and the contract developed from a ‘normal’ rat job we started last week. This part of Reading appears to be overrun with rats. At the start of the treatment this well known and popular restaurant didn’t seem concerned that rats were running in and out of the restaurant! We advised proofing, hygiene measures and a clear up as well as regular pest control inspections. We didn’t hold out much hope they would bother with any of the advice as the owners did not want to spend any money. Much to our surprise they wanted the pest control contract with monthly visits. Steve Tiller, the PEST UK Operative talked to several properties adjoining this restaurant. They all had problems. This is an old part of Reading, I would expect the sewers would not be in a brilliant condition due to their age. The areas at the rear of these properties were rubbish and debris strewn giving harbourage and food for rats. The rear of the buildings in these situations are never maintained as well as the front so there is often holes around pipes, missing or broken air bricks to allow access into the buildings by rats.

To deal with this rat problem takes a combined approach of proofing, removing the food source and rodenticide treatment. Failure to do any properly and the treatment will fail.

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