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Cockroach Removal

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At PEST UK we constantly get calls relating to Cockroach Removal.

Commercial Cockroach Removal

CockroachPeople ask  us to remove or get rid of cockroaches in commercial premises such as restaurants and commercial kitchens as well as domestic properties. In the case of commercial premises it is mainly (but not exclusively) kitchens that are in large buildings,  or businesses dealing in 2nd hand kitchen appliances. The reason for this is that the cockroach infestation may have spread from a neighbouring property or been introduced inside 2nd hand freezers, fridges, cookers or other kitchen appliances. The main cockroach pest in the UK which in PEST UK’s catchment area is the German Cockroach which accounts for over 95% of the cockroach problems we deal with. This cockroach likes to live in temperatures of over 90C which is why they like to live in or near fridge and freezer motors, cookers and the such like.

Domestic Cockroach Removal

20111110_120157695In these situations cockroaches are usually restricted to rooms with fridges or freezer in. In houses made up of bed sits or multiple occupancy this may be many rooms in a house. The same problem applies as commercial premises, there may be spread from a neighbouring attached property.


cockroach-jpgPrior to treatment it is important that the premises is clean and grease free. The PEST UK technician will then apply a special bait that is harmless to humans and other mammals but has a domino effect when poisoning cockroaches. Once a cockroach has eaten the bait and died then another cockroach will eat the dead cockroach and also die. This happens four times. While the cockroaches are dyeing (it can take a few days) any cockroaches that eat the poisoned cockroach droppings will also die. After laying the poison cockroach bait the PEST UK technician will make another visit in two to three weeks to lay pheromone cockroach monitoring traps. These will be left down so the occupier can see if there is another outbreak in the future.

BPCA info on Cockroaches


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