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Cluster Flies Pest Control

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It is now Autumn and the time for pest control problems involving Cluster Flies. At PEST UK we are starting to get calls from people complaining about flies in the house (mainly upstairs unless a bungalow). Many people believe that they have a dead animal in the house but these flies have not come from any food source, they have come into the building to hibernate for the Winter. As with many other insects (& some rodents) these insects are taking advantage of the dry caviities that resemble caves and hollows that these insects would use in a natural environment. It could be argued that buildings create many harbourage for insects and rodents that in a completely natural state would not be available.
Cluster Flies are remarkable insects in that the hibernation site is used by the descendants of the flies that emerge from hibernation even though there are generally 4 generations per year, meaning that the flies that are using the hibernation site next year are the great, great, great fly children of the flies that have emerged from hibernation in the Spring.
Small Yellow Cluster Fly
The Cluster Flies cause a nuisance mainly in the Autumn when they start going into hibernation and again tin the Spring once they emerge. They do this over several weeks, it is not an instant process.
Small Yellow Cluster Fliesbpca
Treatment: PEST UK have carried out hundreds of Cluster Fly Treatments, each one is different. No treatments will ever eliminate the Cluster Fly problem but reduce it, how much depends on the time of year treated and other factors such as how close to the actual hibernation site we can get the insecticide. In some cases only the entry and exit points can be accessed (if the main hibernation site is deep in a cavity wall or other cavity for example.

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