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Cluster Flies

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Cluster Flies:

The mild Autumn has lead to Cluster Fly pest control problems being extended (we were getting our first Cluster Fly pest control enquiries and jobs in September). This warm weather means that the Cluster Flies are coming out of the hibernation sites such as lofts, cavity walls and other cavities to rest in the sun. In the process of doing this many cluster flies will get lost in the structure of the building, making their way into rooms causing a nuisance.
A pest control treatment is the only way to reduce this type of Cluster Fly problem. Buildings that have Cluster Fly problems will have them year after year as the Cluster Flies descendants (there may be several generations per year) will go back to the same hibernation site as there great, great grandparents.
Small Yellow Cluster Flies
Any pest control treatment for Cluster Flies will supply relief and reduce the cluster fly problem but rarely does a pest control treatment solve the problem entirely. The reason for this is that often it is only the edge of the Cluster fly hibernation site that is causing a problem. The majority of the Cluster Flies may be hibernating deep in the cavity wall or between felt and roof tiles.
There are several types of cluster fly with the most common fly being parasitic on earthworms. The adult female fly lays eggs in the soil, the egg hatches into a grub that burrows into the soil and finds an earthworm. The grub then feeds on the earthworm until ready to pupate when they leave the worm and burrow to near the surface where they pupate and turn into the adult fly. Come Autumn and then they go to their descendants hibernation site.

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