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Cluster Flies

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The Cluster Fly season has started later this year compared with last year’s Cluster Fly Autumn season. This week at PEST UK we have had numerous calls from customers complaining that they have flies in their houses. Usually cluster flies are found in the upstairs rooms (unless a bungalow!) or around windows. The old fashioned say windows are often used as a route into the cavity wall where the hibernation site is, but they are more often found in lofts. The problems occur because they don’t go straight into or out of hibernation. This process may take several weeks, depending on weather and other factors. Artificial heat and light that is found in houses can disrupt their behaviour. These factors lead to many cluster flies being found in living areas – live, dead and dying – which is when customers phone PEST UK

There are several types of cluster flies, the most common species is parasitic on earth worms. The adult female fly lays eggs in the soil which hatch into grubs which then find an earthworm, burrow into the earthworm, feed, and once ready to pupate they go closer to the surface and pupate, emerging as adult cluster flies. There can be several generations per year but even though the flies that leave the hibernation site die, their descendants go back to the same hibernation site. Once a place has Cluster Flies then it will have problems of varying degree for ever.
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PEST UK is a company established over 26 years ago with some of the most experienced pest control technicians in the UK. We offer treatments for Cluster Flies tailored to the circumstances. Prices vary between £65.00 + VAT to £135.00 + VAT, depending on the type of treatment required and the size of the area to be treated. Any pest control treatments with Cluster Flies will only reduce, not eliminate the problem. Phone 0330 100 2811 for expert advice.

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