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Cluster Flies Treatment

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Cluster Flies Treatment:
cluster-flyCluster Flies, like Fleas and to a lesser extent wasps are an Autumn pest but unlike the other pests Cluster Flies are also a problem in the Spring when there emerge from hibernation. Cluster Fly calls into PEST UK start depending on the weather in mid to late September. This is the time when the flies gather at their hibernation sites. They will be noticed generally flying about and may sun themselves on walls. They don’t go straight in and hibernate as soon as they arrive but seem to take time to settle in and come out when the temperatures pick up in the afternoons. Hibernation is effected by temperature but also by day light length. If they did go straight into the hibernation site then the calls for Cluster Fly problems would be less. Flies buzzing around windows and inside houses makes people seek help. They hibernate in any cavity but sites have to be suitable for the flies. Often they will pick only one side of a building. In most instances this is South facing but not exclusively so. When flies are in lofts it is some times assumed that this is the only site but they may also be in the cavity walls and other inaccessible places in a house. It is the window frame site that cause the most problem, less so with modern windows but sash windows are a favourite. The pulley holes give easy access into the wall cavity and the large spaces between the window and the frame give a gap that makes a good hibernation site.

For treatment of Cluster Flies at PEST UK we usually carry out a residual spray treatment using Effect Microtech CS and/or K-othrine accompanied by a ‘fogging’ treatment in loft areas using Permost Uni. The residual insecticide spray is applied to walls and ceilings which if not cleaned off will carry on working for up to 3 months while the fogging gives a quick knock down effect with some residuality. Fogging is like a large version of a fly spray, it is quick and a large area can be covered in a short time but has less residuality then the surface sprays.


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