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Seasons and Pests

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Seasons and Pests:
Cat FleaPests, insect, bird, mammal and rodent change their behavior in accordance to the seasons. The main exception being bed bugs which seem to be steady all year round no matter what the weather or outside temperature. Not surprising really as they are an indoor pest only but the same could not be said for cat fleas which from a pest control point of view are an indoor pest but live externally in the Summer and so peak in the late Summer and Autumn. These pests are also affected by humans seasonal behavior. That is taking holidays in the Summer which leads to an increase in flea call outs because the existing flea population cannot d=feed due to the cat being in a cattery and the temperature is high due to being Summer which makes the fleas very hungry. The family then returns from holiday and the fleas are ready to feed (the cat is often collected much later). The fleas go into a feeding frenzy and the customer calls a pest control company (hopefully PEST UK).
Bed Bug
At PEST UK we get most of our bird calls in the Spring and early Summer. This is when they start to nest. Not many calls can be actioned on because most species of birds are protected. Starlings, House Martins and Sparrows are the birds that nest in houses. All these are protected so nothing can be done about them until the young have left the nest and there are no eggs in the nest. After this time holes may be blocked or measures taken to prevent access into the building or nests being built on the outside. Feral pigeons are an exception. Providing they have food and a suitable nesting site they will breed all the year round. Fortunately they are not protected so measures can be taken to remove them straight away.
Feral PigeonFlea

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